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Our Mission is to enable homeless and disabled veterans find comfort and success.

Homeless Veteran on the streets of Boston.
Homeless Veteran Freezes To Death
"A homeless veteran needed help for some time, but he was denied for reasons unknown. Sadly, he ended up dying alone in the cold.
While this particular incident occurred in Sweden, think of how easily it could have happened in America.  As refugees flood Western nations, they’re given free food, housing, and spending cash, all while national heroes are denied even the most basic care from the very countries they served.
Such was the case in Sweden in early January, where a homeless veteran froze to death in the cold streets."
Think such an enraging story couldn’t happen in America? It probably already has. There are some 50,000 homeless veterans in our country.
We paraphrased the above story but could not verify it on snopes.com as yet.  There are so many more verified stories, including real life situations we learned about during our meetings with Veteran's Administration outreach co-ordinators.

Homeless Veteran AP Photo Steven Senne
Google the title "Homeless Veteran Freezes To Death" to see startling examples(like those above) of honorably discharged American servicemen left on the streets to fend for themselves.  Many have injuries to mind and body.  The Veterans Administration is extremely challenged in providing help -- in fact, the VA is overwhelmed with the influx of service persons from recent wars as well as the continuing war with Islamic terrorists.  We must do our part and ask for your support.

America can do better.  We are trying to help.  Make your direct contribution now.  

Thank you and remember those who served.

The common thread of unrest in any society is the despair felt when people have abandoned hope of comfort or success.

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