The Spirit of Freedom is the burning passion to live unrestrained.
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Corporate Sponsor
We are seeking private and/or corporate sponsorship for The Motorcoach Tour.

Rod Miller, Founder and Executive Director
Robert C. Miller, Co-Founder,  Girard OH, Entrepreneur - Small Business Owner (Deceased)
* Trustees of The Foundation each have contributed at least $10,000 in cash they alone bear legal responsibilities connected with operation of The Foundation.

Honorary Trustees
William Loyal Richard Esq., Mediator & Labor Arbitrator, Director, The William H. Thomas Foundation, Fort Myers FL
Michele M. Miller, Executive Sales, American Family Life Assurance Co.(AFLAC)

Sherry Anderson Luck WI Artist -- Small Business Owner
Eric Barr Crawfordsville IN -- Musician Eric Barr & Group Therapy with Dug Batterson of Rock River Studios
Leslie Donnelly Hudson OH -- Small Business Owner
John Dover -- Business Executive
Jennifer Dover -- Realtor
Chrissy Lambert Second Glance Treasures Chattanooga TN
Bill Grey Punta Gorda FL -- Small Business Owner
Faith Heckenberg Rocky River OH -- Retired -- Associate Director
Ray Herbertson Norcross GA -- Art Auctions, Regency Fine Art
George Kahoun -- Kahoun Co., Security & Communications, Cleveland OH 440-617-9009
Robert C. Miller, Girard OH, Entrepreneur - Small Business Owner
Jennifer Sheffer Suffolk VA Watercolor Artist -- Small Business Owner
Vicky Wilmeth -- Web Graphics Designer

Capitalism is survival of the fittest for humans!
The SPIRIT OF FREEDOM FOUNDATION is a private operating foundation dedicated to Human Values and History Education.

This site created and maintained by Rod Miller
Founder, Executive Director, Webmaster, Wizard and Seer

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