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We have thousands of stamps, First Day Issues, coins and coin sets to be added here as time permits ...
Acquired many years ago from a dealer and the coin has not been removed in all that time. This is a 1885 P Morgan Silver Dollar. We are asking $ -0- as we research the value.
Description: This gracefully framed, commemorative engraving is the final card of a set of three devoted to the renowned Series 1896 Silver Certificates. Now a historic document, it is a true engraved replica of the $5 note of that group and was printed from a plate specially prepared for this purpose by the Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C. from the original master die, for the American Numismatic Association Members on the 2nd Anniversary Convention, August 23-27, 1973, in Boston.

The $5 note measures 7.25 inches long X 3 inches wide without allowances for margins. Under the engraving of the $5 note is the legend of the origin of the note. Certificate will be shipped un-mounted, but will take a simple framed measuring about 9 inches X 11 inches X 1 inch depth.  No discoloration or foxing.

NOTE: The female figure representing Electricity is clad in flowing robes, revealing a bare breast. This partial nudity was said to cause a disturbance nationwide, with Anthony Comstock, Secretary of the Society for Suppression of Vice, pressuring the U.S. Treasury to withdraw the “obscene” notes. Three years later, entirely new designs were issued replacing the controversial Educational series. This once “banned in Boston” note has since become the most popular of all U.S. Large Size banknotes. It is also interesting to note that an single, original $5 Silver Certificate from this series sold recently at US for $8000.

HISTORY: The famous "Educational Series" Silver certificate was issued in 1896. The entire front was covered with artwork and the back featured portraits of Ulysses Grant and Phillip Sheridan. Serial numbers, treasury seal and treasury official's signatures were all present on the front like normal. The silver certificate replaced the gold certificate when the United States government balanced its currency against the silver standard instead of the gold standard. The decision between gold and silver backing of US currency was one of the most hotly debated topics of the 1890's and figured prominently in at least one presidential election.

Walter Shirlaw, a well-known illustrator of the period and an accomplished banknote engraver, was commissioned by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, to prepare the note design, which he entitled, “America”. However, the borders and denominational counters he proposed were felt to lack harmony with the vignette and those features were accordingly redesigned by Thomas F. Morris, Chief of the Bureau Engraving Division.

This attractive replica piece sells for up to $300 or so.
We have a modest collection of stamps and coins including some gold pieces.
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